Price and Specification Android Tablet "Creative Ziio" Very Affordable

Creative Ziio Tablet

Creative Ziio Tablet Cheap Android For all

Price: 3.000.000, -

Have you ever heard of an electronic vendor named Creative, maybe some of you know them as a producer of music player. However, over development of the era, they now present in the tablet segment. As Apple is producing Ipad, while Creative offers a "Creative Ziio" a tablet android who claimed to have affordable and cheaper than other vendors tablets. This product is also equipped with Wi-Fi and GPS.

Specification :

  • Display : 7 inci (16,8 M color) , 10 inchies (262k color)
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth, wifi
  • Audio: Ready
  • Operating System : Android 2.1 (├ęclair)
  • Memory : microSD
  • Others: GPS, Front Camera,codec audio video, FM radio

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